Lean System – Japanese Values

The Lean System is being implemented in increasingly many companies now. An understanding of the fundamental values inherent in the Japanese culture is of great help to both company leaders as well as employees in regard to the use of the Lean System.

JapanBridge provides exciting and insightful courses focusing on the most important values that are found in Japanese society. An understanding of these values gives greater insight into the workings of the Lean System.

Many Japanese words and terms are used in the Lean System. In the “Lean System – Japanese Values” course the most important and widely used terms are presented and explained. The participants practice the correct pronunciation of the relevant terms as well as studying the original and applied meanings of these terms.

With JapanBridge’s “Lean System – Japanese Values” course there is also the possibility of enhancing the basic course with two additional course segments:

The first additional segment focuses on Japanese communication – verbal and non-verbal. The participants are taught basic Japanese greetings and phrases, in which body language is an integral part of this form of communication.

The second additional segment focuses on Japanese calligraphy. The participants learn to write important Japanese characters that are connected to the Lean System.

The duration of the JapanBridge “Lean System – Japanese Values” course is two hours in its basic form. With the additional two elements the course lasts three hours including short breaks.

The ”Lean System – Japanese Values” course can also be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual company, both in regard to the duration of the course as well as to the contents.


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