Japanese Martial Art: Aikido

Ethan Weisgard Aikido Instructor 6 Dan

Aikido training for schools and other institutions

Even though Aikido is a dynamic martial art, with effective locking techniques and powerful throws, this elegant martial art can be trained easily by everyone, in a safe and enjoyable manner, by people of all ages.
Because Aikido is based on natural movements, and the principle of not clashing with your opponent’s strength, it is possible for men and women, both young and old, to train with great pleasure.
Aikido is a defensive, non-aggressive martial art. The principles of Aikido form the foundation for many conflict resolution systems.

Schools in Germany have Aikido in their curriculum, it is called ”Anti-Aggressive Training.” The training is of great benefit for the students, teaching them personal integrity and non-violent behavior.
Especially for school students, Aikido can be of great help, allowing the students to burn off excess energy in a positive, non-competitive environment, while teaching them about important social values and principles.

Schoolteachers can also benefit from Aikido training, learning useful skills in non-violent self-defense, as well as the understanding of the principles relating to conflict resolution inherent in Aikido training.

Introduce Aikido to your school or institution, and benefit from a healthy workout, and learn practical and ethical self-defense training at the same time!

Introduce Aikido to your school or institution, and benefit from a healthy workout, and learn practical and ethical self-defense training at the same time!

Company Aikido

The western business world has throughout the past many years been aware of the principles of strategy and tactics found in the Japanese martial arts, and how they can be applied in the world of business.
The book “The Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi has been especially popular in the business world.

Some points in this very interesting book are useful in business strategy, but most of what is written is quite esoteric, and requires deep insight into the world of martial arts and its principles to fully comprehend what is written.

Experiencing Aikido in its physical form enables you to understand some of these deeper principles quite directly. Principles such as non-aggression, blending with your opponent’s strength instead of opposing it, and many other underlying aspects of Aikido can easily be assimilated. The application of these principles to other areas of our lives such as social communication and negotiating with people are readily apparent after experiencing Aikido in its physical form.

Why not make Aikido training a part of your training schedule, instead of sitting on an exercise bicycle or running on a treadmill?

Aikido can be brought to the company, and taught to groups both large and small. Classes can also be arranged at the Copenhagen Aiki Shuren Dojo training facility at Valbygårdsvej 36 A, 2500 Valby.

Aikido training seminars for other styles of martial arts

Aikido is a fascinating martial art. It includes many elements that inspire your own martial arts style training.

The principles of movement in Aikido, tactical applications, and the awareness of the philosophical aspects of Budo that can be applied to one’s daily life can easily be of benefit to your own style of martial arts training.

Aikido training seminars can be arranged for other martial arts clubs, without having to have any prior experience in Aikido training. The techniques of Aikido will be presented and taught in an easy to learn, step-by-step form.

Many martial artists have found Aikido to be a wonderful supplement to their own style of training. Why not give it a try?

Aikido training for other Aikido clubs

I teach seminars for other Aikido clubs, no matter what style or affiliation.
I teach tai jutsu (empty-handed techniques), and traditional Aiki-ken (sword) and Aiki-jo (staff).

Aikido training for other Aikido clubs

The contents of these seminars can be combined to fit the specific wishes of the club. The seminar can be focused on tai jutsu, weapons or a combination of both.
The seminars can be tailored for any specific level – from beginners to advanced or a mixture of both. A seminar can consist of a few classes, a whole day of training, weekend training, or even longer training periods.
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