Japanese culture and communication course for businesses

”Better to prepare than repair!”
Preparation is of the utmost importance when dealing with Japanese businesses. You can be sure that your Japanese counterparts will have done their homework beforehand. It is wise to do yours!

Preparation from JapanBridge is based on giving our clients a solid introduction to Japanese society and its cultural foundation, values and protocol.
There are many pitfalls to be aware of in the areas of correct protocol and etiquette that can be avoided through gaining proper understanding of these aspects of Japanese society. It can be very difficult to make amends if you first have made mistakes in your behavior when dealing with your Japanese counterpart.

Correct understanding and awareness of Japanese business protocol, and its forms and etiquette are very important key points in your communication with your Japanese counterparts.
A lack in comprehension of these points can be a serious deal breaker for you and your company.

JapanBridge offers a specifically tailor-made program that provides valuable insight into exactly these key areas of Japanese business practice, protocol and etiquette.

The seminar program consists of three modules, lasting one hour each, with a short break between each module.

This is the basic seminar schedule:     

1. Japanese cultural understanding – history, social structure, values and more.

2. Communication – verbal and non-verbal, useful Japanese phrases, ways of communication (speaking and understanding English with your Japanese counterpart), body language, social etiquette and more.

3. Business – understanding Japanese corporate structure, hierarchy, protocol, etiquette, business manners and more

This basic seminar can be enhanced, to include an extra one hour module where specific cases can be brought up and decoded. This extra option can be of great help; providing an opportunity to understand situations that may have arisen where communication did not function properly between the parties involved.

Counseling can be provided by dealing with specific cases, hereby creating the possibility of correct, positive communication in the future.
It is also possible to use this module as an opportunity to do preemptive preparations for future situations, in order to avoid communication-based misunderstandings.

Proper cultural understanding combined with practical understanding of Japanese business protocol is of the utmost importance in your future endeavors with Japan.


“Better to prepare than repair!”

3 hour seminar – specifically structured for business

1 – 2 participants: contact JapanBridge for prices

3 – 5 participants
1750 kr. (moms / VAT not included) per participant

6-10 participants
Group price: 14000 kr. (moms / VAT not included)

For groups of more than 10 participants please contact JapanBridge for prices.